going green
The Philosophy:
Wolf Steel cares about the environment in which we all live. Part of our commitment is to consider the overall impact of Timberwolf products on that environment. Factors such as design, production and even recyclable materials are all important considerations in creating EcoGreen products. At Wolf Steel, we pride ourselves in paying close attention to these important factors.
The Product:
Timberwolf wood and pellet burning products are designed to meet clean burning emission standards. The development of products which burn other alternate renewable fuels are continually being explored by our research and development team. Wolf Steel manufactures EcoGreen products to provide our customers with the utmost in comfort and safety both in their homes and in the environment. Wolf Steel was the first manufacturer to recognize and promote zone heating as a unique performance benefit that is provided by hearth products. Both non and renewable natural resources are better utilized by heating only a specific “occupied” area of the home. Heating your home with a Timberwolf, stove or insert releases no more carbon dioxide than a dying tree would lying on the forest floor. In fact, when the entire carbon cycle is considered, a Timberwolf product heats your home more efficiently and with less impact on the environment than any other heating fuel option.
The Manufacturing Process:
Wolf Steel’s continuous improvement program includes a team specifically dedicated to reducing waste and improving our ‘green’ endeavors. The results speak for themselves:

  • Utilizing environmentally friendly chemicals in the production process while phasing out unfriendly ones
  • Switching to citrus based, biodegradable cleaning agents to degrease steel in place of mineral based cleaners
  • Converting from hydraulic to environmentally friendly electrical equipment
  • Heating portions of the manufacturing facility with solar and biomass renewable energy heating technology
  • Introducing natural binding agents as a alternative to silica in our fibre products
  • Over 95% of all finished goods are made with materials which can be recycled such as steel and glass
  • Motion sensing, high efficiency warehouse lighting conserves electricity


The Future:
In addition to the use of recycled packaging materials, reusable containers and partnering with suppliers who practice similar Eco Friendly philosophies, Wolf Steel’s carbon footprint is continually being monitored and reduced, protecting the environment for you, our customers and future generations.